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This is a clarification to avoid confusion that seems to exist out there. There are no "minor" and "major" releases of XChat-WDK, just simply releases. The version number always consists of either one number or two numbers with a dash between them.

XChat-WDK follows the code changes made in the XChat source tree. The first number always indicates which source code revision XChat-WDK is based on, i.e. version 1479 means it's the first XChat-WDK release based on the 1479th revision of the XChat source code.

Sometimes I want to publish a new release before a new XChat revision is out. In those cases I simply suffix the revision number with a second number, you can call them "build numbers" if you like. This means, 1479 is the first version of XChat-WDK based on XChat revision 1479, 1479-2 is the second version based on the same revision, etc.

When revision 1480 (or anything newer) comes out, I simply bump the XChat-WDK version number too. The point is, there's no connection between the importance of changes and the fact that a release is the first of its revision or not. For example, 1469-2 was a much bigger release than 1469 in means of changes.

About recommended releases: I always recommend the latest release. If the code is in a shape that I wouldn't recommend it yet, I simply don't release it. So, to sum things up in a very simple way: you should always use the latest release, no matter what it's called.

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