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I'd like to say thank you for the following:
  • Peter Železný (XChat)
  • Brian Evans (XChat, XChat-Text, general help)
  • Lian Wan Situ (XChat, Perl interface, general help)
  • Gustavo Niemeyer (Python interface)
  • Daniel P. Stasinski (Tcl interface)
  • Hanno Hecker (Lua interface)
  • Vaidrius Petrauskas (patches)
  • Richard Rowell (patches)
  • Koby Kahane (build environment help)
  • Alex Shaduri (GTK+ Preference Tool)
  • Arnaud Carré (Winamp plugin)
  • Michael Hotaling (X-Tray plugin)
  • Mirko Scherf (mpcInfo plugin)
  • Samuel Lidén Borell (FiSHLiM plugin)
  • David Cullen (WMPA plugin)
  • Yann Hamon (EasyWinampControl plugin)
and possibly a lot of other people for their help (direct or indirect) in making this project possible.

I'd also like to thank all the users who felt this project is worthy enough for them to donate.


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