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The XChat-WDK repo consists of 2 branches: "default" and "wdk". The default branch contains an unmodified copy of XChat SVN HEAD. The wdk branch contains the XChat code with the XChat-WDK changes applied. That means you can get the XChat-WDK-specific changes by issuing:

git diff master..wdk > xchat-wdk.diff

The diff file will be huge, but that's mostly because of the Mozilla certificate list, XML files, 3rd-party plugins and various other added stuff. If you remove these (git rm, then git commit), you'll get a much smaller diff so that you can see the actual changes.

When a new commit arrives in the XChat repo, I just do an SVN export, update the master branch with these new files, then do a merge in the wdk branch, and everything's up-to-date again.

Contributing to XChat-WDK is simple: you hack on your local copy, test it by building it, and if you achieve something spectacular, you open a new ticket in the Issue Tracker with the patch.

You can get a local copy of the XChat-WDK repository with this command:

git clone

More info and a code browser can be found on the Google Code site.

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