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Why should you use XChat-WDK instead of other versions? See the table below and find out.

  Official XChat XChat-WDK Silverex
 general XChat features
 DCC file sending
 fast DCC file sending
 working Python interface
 Ruby support
 Lua support
 transparent backgrounds
 graphical smilies
 working tray icon
 transfer of files bigger than 4 GB
 always contains the latest fixes
 64 bit builds
 built with the latest Microsoft compilers
 automatic checking of updates
 installable for non-admins
 localization for dozens of languages
 spelling support out-of-box *
 OpenSSL support out-of-box
 useful plugins out-of-box
 text auto-copy options
 custom license text
 custom spell checker color
 multi-language spell checker
 plugin config API
 public source code
 price tag
 15.99 €  0.00 €  0.00 €
* dictionaries are available in a separate installer

There are people who still decide to crack official XChat for Windows. That's just bad, some of the cracks contain viruses, cracked versions will introduce obscure bugs and sometimes they send messages to channels invisibly. Not to mention it's rude against the author, too.

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