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Download and install (in their default install paths):

Source code

Download the patched XChat source code and extract it to somewhere. You will work in the extracted xchat-wdk folder from now.


You can download them all at once with Free Download Manager (File/Import/Import list of downloads).

Put them in the win32\deps-x86 and win32\deps-x64 folders respectively. Extract them by running win32\dep-extract.bat.

Language interfaces

You can skip this step, but then you won't be able to generate the installer.


You can use other paths, but then you must update them in win32\build-x86.bat, win32\build-x64.bat and src\makeinc.skel.mak.


Run win32\build-x86.bat and/or win32\build-x64.bat.
If everything went fine, the resulting binaries will be found in win32\dist-x86 and/or win32\dist-x64. It was easy, wasn't it?

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